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1st Class Pooch - Grooming Parlour

Where your pet comes 1st

Our Dog grooming services are carried out in our log cabin which is equipped with electricity and water so we are able to carry out our services to a professional standard. It is enclosed in a safe and secure garden, so that your pet is not just locked in a cage, making it less streeful for the animal.

On arrival to the grooming parlour, we will discuss with you how you would prefer your dog to be styled; whether you would like it to be at breed standard, or whether you would prefer a more pratical style for your lifestyle.
We will also ask you to fill out a quick "First Time Pooch" form for our new customers, which will inform us of any health issues and any specific needs your dog may have.

On pickup, we hope that your pooch has been groomed to your ideal and will ask you to sign a release form stating you are happy with the groom.

We are honest, trustworthly and reliable people who get the job done to an excellent standard. We don't settle for anything less as we want our customers and the pooch to feel 1st Class.

Before the grooming commences, we will health check your dog for any lumps and any skin problems that he/she may have, so that we do not hurt or worsen the condition. We also check for mats in the coat whilst brushing out, before bathing.

The drying process ensures that the coat is completely dry and fluffed up before styling commences.
Nails are checks and if required will be clipped to make it more comfortable for the animal to stand and move about. It is important to keep nails at the correct lengh for health and hygiene purposes.
The pads will also be cleared of excessive fur as this will ensure that your dog can move around with ease and no discomfort; in extreme circumstances, if left can cause deformaties of the paw.

We also check the anal glands as they can give out a vile smell and this is unpleasent for the owner.
Sometimes dogs can empty them naturally, they are classified as a scent gland, so the purpose of them are to inform other dogs of their territory. However, sometimes they do not empty naturally and need to be emptied with help, if left untreated and the glands keep filling up with fluid then it will become uncomfortable for the dog, leaking at inconvenient times, or they could become infected if left untreated. So we will empty them for you, giving the dog comfort and releiving you of this vile substance.

1st Class Pooch - Pet Sitting

Our Pet sitting services are carried out in the comfort of your own home. Your pet will be stress free as we will carry out their normal routine such as, feeding, walking, relaxing and other tasks you may want us to carry out. We are also effectively looking after your home and you can be assured that we will keep it clean and tidy while you are away.

Before hand, we would like to make arrangements to meet with you, so you know us and we know you so we can become acquanted with your pets and their needs and where everything is in the home, of which we will need to carry out any of the chores.

On a day to day basis, we will come for an hour in the morning around 8am - 9am to let out for a toliet break (if required) and morning feeding, we will then return around dinner time for about 15minutes to allow another toliet break or short play time, then again later at 6pm - 10pm to give an hour worth of exercise (if required), evening feeding, play time and relaxing time which includes tv therapy. The cycle will repeat until your return. This routine can be changed due to your pets requirements.

When you return, your beloved pet(s) will have been missing you so will be happy to see you and we hope you have had a good holiday or bussiness trip. We hope you are happy with our work, taking care of your home and your pet(s).

You have the option to either pay before hand, or when you return, that is up to you.

We are honest, trustworthly and reliable people who get the job done to an excellent standard. We don't settle for anything less as we want our customers and pet(s) to feel 1st class.